At-home wearable hands-free technology. Enjoy the benefits of Good Light LED Therapy at home, at work, wherever you want a quick beauty boost with zero downtime. 


LED is short for Light Emitting Diode and the different wavelengths of the LED light works in the level of skin cells. This stimulates the skin on a cell level for instance, stimulating collagen production. Rather than having instant dramatic difference on the skin, LED light therapy has long-term biological effect when topically used for a period of time.


Good Light LED masks helps your facial tissue to promote collagen, clear and tighten skin while reducing lines and wrinkles. Use this treatment for 10-20 minutes daily to notice an immediate improvement in the composition of your skin!


  • Red Light: Reduces inflammation and promotes blood circulation
  • Blue Light: Shortens length of breakouts, kills acne causing bacteria
  • Orange Light: Stimulates collagen and skin elastin


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